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Our “Multi Purpose Line” allows the continuous production of a wide range of savoury and confectionery products like Ciabatta, flat breads, Pizza bases, Focaccia etc.

Thanks to the “Zero Stress” technology applied to our dough extruder it is possible to gently process many types of yeast doughs with high hydration, safeguarding the gluten mesh and preventing the loss of rising gases from the dough itself. Thanks to this technology the quality of the end product, frozen or baked, is mostly superior to the traditional processes and lines.

The simplicity in the use of the Multipurpose lines guaranteed by the most advanced man-machine interaction systems combined with the ease and speed of product changeover management make these lines extremely flexible and usable for different types of product and different types of dough.


Multipurpose lines of different capacities and working widths are available to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

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