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Canol tunnel fryers are designed and built to continuously fry both sweet products such as chiacchere, bugie, crostoli, frittelle, cannoli and savoury products such as panzerotti, crocchette, cotolette and also other breaded products that are fried by immersion in oil.

Depending on customer requirements, fryers can be equipped with the following heating systems:

– electric heating by means of electric resistances

– natural gas or LPG heating by means of modulating burners

– heating by diathermic oil exchanger (thermal oil)

Tunnel fryers are equipped with two overlapping wire mesh conveyors, housed inside the frying tank, which allow the products to be transported during the frying process, keeping them completely submerged in the frying oil.

Canol fryers are equipped with an automatic lifting system for the wire mesh conveyors inside the fryer to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, a device to maintain a constant oil level inside the frying tank. They can also be optionally equipped with a tank scraping system to remove any solid frying residue remaining at the bottom of the tank, a continuous oil filtering unit and a tank for storing and decanting the frying oil itself.

The company Canol is able to offer fryers in different widths from 600mm up to 1000mm and with variable lengths depending on the production capacity required by the customer.


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