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The vertical injecting machine is suitable for filling baked pastry products such as croissants, brioches, muffins, plumcakes that are arranged and placed on pre-formed trays.

Products are injected and filled vertically by the vertical movement of injection needles fed by dosing pistons placed in the dosing head or by vertical screws installed inside the machine hopper.

Different types of fillings such as creams, jams and chocolate creams can be used thanks to the heated hopper option and continuous filling stirrer that allow a wide range of fillings to be injected.

The production capacities of injecting machines depend mainly on the number of outlets and needles in the machine, the size of the trays, the amount of filling and the type and size of the product.

The vertical injecting machine can be supplied with a double dosing head for higher production capacity and also with the possibility of independent adjustment and dosing for each individual outlet, which allow the product to be filled only in its presence  thanks to dedicated sensors that detect the presence of the product.

This machine is available in a wide range of technical configurations and can work with different tray sizes such as  400-600-800-1000mm wide trays and other widths that can be specified on request.



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